Small Changes, Big Difference

You don't have to have motivational speaker charisma or be a technical whiz kid to create presentations that result in people actually learning and retaining what they learn. Presenting for Impact teaches fundamental, learning science-based approaches that you can put into practice with your next presentation.

Key Information

  • What's In It?

    Presenting for Impact consists of about 50 minutes of video content with integrated activities. Additionally, there is a downloadable worksheet to support the activities and a resources collection. You also have access to discussions boards to ask questions.

  • Who Teaches It?

    The course is taught by Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele, respected experts in lifelong learning and co-founders of Tagoras, the company behind Learning Revolution, Leading Learning, and other sites dedicated to elevating and improving lifelong learning.

  • Why Free?

    A large professional association underwrote the cost of creating Presenting for Impact in order to offer it to its presenters. Given that, and given the fact part of our mission is to help experts become better teachers, we decided to offer it to you at no charge.

Jeff Cobb - Learning Revolution

One of the co-creators of Presenting for Impact

What Participants Say

“I have listened to "Presenting for Impact" and find myself wanting to go back to it again and again and again. If all presenters - including myself - only implemented the best practices highlighted in the course, it would be a huge jump forward for all lifelong learners - presenters and participants alike.”

Micène Fontaine | Design Arts Seminars

“As a tech strategist for course creators, and a course creator myself, I have found Presenting for Impact to be a super-valuable resource in the course creation process. If you follow the steps while you plan your next course or presentation, you will create a much more engaging and long-lasting course.”

Temima Gass | Uncommon Strategy

“The "Presenting for Impact" course guides learners through a clear, well organized, and research-based framework for creating and delivering effective online presentations. Participants will leave with a fantastic toolbox of strategies that they can use right away to either improve an existing presentation or to apply to an upcoming presentation”

Tiana Fech | Tiana Fech Consulting

“Presenting for Impact presented us with a simple four-step process to deliver more value to our mastermind groups. The best part was that the course used the four-step method. I found the attached worksheet helpful to use in crafting our presentations. Learning happens when a behavior is changed. We are presenting our first mastermind meeting using the worksheet next week. Well done for creating a course that will add substantial benefits to our customers. ”

Anton Stegmann | Anton Stegmann Consulting

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